MySun MHF heating foil

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  • to prevent mirror blur
  • different dimensions
  • easy installation
  • voltage: 230V
  • protection: IP44

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    The MySun MHF heating foil is designed to prevent the mirrors from blossoming. It is a purpose-built, self-adhesive foil that sticks to the back of the mirror, effectively preventing the annoying dew on the mirrors. The foil is low temperature and thus does not overheat the mirror, consequently there is no risk of the mirror from bursting due to temperature. Most often, it binds together with the mirror light, thus automatically turning on when the light is on. A quick, easy and inexpensive solution to prevent the dew pointing of mirrors.




    MySun MH100, MySun MHF12, MySun MHF25, MySun MHF50

    Width (mm)

    274, 524

    Height (mm)

    1004, 252, 519, 574

    Power (W)

    12.5, 25, 50, 100

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