• underfloor heating for most hiking final surfaces
  • easy installation without major construction work
  • low investment costs and no maintenance
  • low power consumption
  • ideal for renovations because you will lose very little space by installing heating mats
  • Factory-fitted kits allow even heat distribution throughout the heating surface
  • it is laid just below the surface, so the heating time is short
  • long service life and a 20-year warranty
  • favorable living conditions
  • they provide an almost ideal temperature profile
  • saving on heating costs
  • without raising dust in the room
  • the system is suitable for most hiking final surfaces
  • cable type: two-wire heating cable with reinforced mechanical protection and braid
  • besides the heating mat you also need a dedicated one termostat
  • To reduce heat losses to the ground and increase the system’s responsiveness, we recommend dedicated insulation panels F-Board


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    You may also need ...

    The most common ways of installation:

    1. Direct installation system – new construction in which the heating mat is placed just below the final hiking layer, in principle in the layer of elastic adhesive or in the layer of (self-pouring) leveling mass. With this type of installation, we can use the underfloor heating system as primary heating or as an additional heating source. The advantage of this system is its easy installation and quick response of the system as a whole, since the heating cables are placed just below the surface.

    Prikaz polaganja grelnih preprog MySun - direktni sistem

    1. tiles
    2. Elastic adhesive or self-leveling leveling compound
    3. MySun heating mat
    4. floor sensor
    5. Screed
    6. Reinforcing steel mesh
    7. Thermal insulation
    8. Basis

    2. Direct installation system – adaptation is the most common method of installation in adaptations. Due to the fact that older buildings that do not have adequate floor insulation are adapted in principle, and because in most cases the height is limited by adaptations, it is recommended to use dedicated insulation panels in these cases, F-Board, which are certified by the carpet manufacturer. These insulation boards are glued to existing floors and heated floor mats are laid directly on them.

    Prikaz polaganja grelnih preprog MySun - direktni sistem adaptacije

    1. tiles
    2. Elastic adhesive or self-leveling leveling compound
    3. MySun heating mat
    4. floor sensor
    5. Dedicated insulation board F-BOARD

    6. Elastic adhesive
    7. existing floor

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    20 years

    Thickness (mm)


    Length (m)

    2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 17.6, 20.0, 24.0, 26.6, 32.6

    Width (mm)


    Power (W)

    150W/m2, 160W/m2

    Connection cable

    3 m

    Grelna površina (m2)
    • (velikost: )
    MYSUN GP 150
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