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  • dedicated floor mats for MySun floor mats
  • certified by the carpet manufacturer
  • panel size: 1200×600 mm
  • plate thickness: 6 or 10 mm
  • thermal conductivity: 0.033 W / mK
  • compressive strength: ≥ 300kPa
  • for sale in a package of 6 plates, total 4.32 m2


The plates are in stock. If the stock goes out, delivery time is 1-5 weeks. For more detailed information on delivery, please click on the “Ask us” link below.


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    The dedicated F-BOARD insulation panels are designed for additional thermal floor insulation and are placed directly under MySun floor mats. They are made of extruded polystyrene, and on both sides of the board is a fiberglass mesh reinforced with special cement adhesive. The high compressive strength of the material enables the laying of heating mats directly on the insulation. Due to the special coating of cement adhesive, it can be easily and effectively glued to the existing substrate, in most cases glued with ceramic tile adhesive. Insulating panels are also suitable for damp areas.

    F-Board insulation panels are especially suitable where flooring is not adequately insulated (eg when renovating older buildings) and when we want to maximize the responsiveness of the system (such as in bathrooms, weekends …).


    Talna izolacija F-BOARD

    1. new tiles
    2. Elastic adhesive. self-leveling mass
    3. MySun floor mat
    4. floor sensor
    5. F-BOARD insulation board
    6. Ceramic adhesive
    7. existing floor


    Prikaz polaganja izolacijskih plošč F-BOARD

    Thickness (mm)

    6, 10

    Thermal conductivity (W/mK)


    Dimension (mm)

    600 x 1200

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