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MySun Electric Underfloor Heating has many advantages over central underfloor heating systems. The investment is incomparably lower, construction is minimal, installation is extremely easy and quick, and the responsiveness and regulation of the electrical system are excellent.

Electric underfloor heating is suitable for all types of rooms and can be installed under most final floor coverings. Properly installed and used, electric underfloor heating is considered to be a very comfortable, efficient and economical heating system. MySun underfloor heating is completely safe as it is manufactured in accordance with the strict requirements of the European Union.

MySun Electric Underfloor Heating guarantees you superior living comfort at great prices. Long life is also guaranteed, and all underfloor heating systems come with a 20-year warranty . Proper installation and connection to the mains is underfloor heating for a durable heating system .

Heating Foils (3)

Heating mats (1)

Thermal insulation of floors (2)

Heating cables for pipelines (1)