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  • underfloor heating for most hiking final surfaces
  • easy installation without major construction work
  • low investment costs and no maintenance
  • low power consumption
  • ideal for renovations because you will lose very little space by installing heating mats
  • Factory-fitted kits allow even heat distribution throughout the heating surface
  • it is laid just below the surface, so the heating time is short
  • long service life and a 20-year warranty
  • favorable living conditions
  • they provide an almost ideal temperature profile
  • saving on heating costs
  • without raising dust in the room
  • the system is suitable for most hiking final surfaces
  • cable type: two-wire heating cable with reinforced mechanical protection and braid
  • besides the heating mat you also need a dedicated one termostat
  • To reduce heat losses to the ground and increase the system's responsiveness, we recommend dedicated insulation panels F-Board
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